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Gauntlet Films' Top Movies from the 90's

Get to know us and a few of our all time favorites!

  1. Rob’s Pick: Shawshank Redemption


The 1994 classic, written and directed by Frank Darabont, captures an in intense friendship, unmatched by other modern films of today. It’s an underdog story, one where we can’t see the protagonist (Tim Robbins) coming. Spoiler: Tim Robbins as Andy totally beats the “man,” and ends up finding freedom from life in Shawshank. Don’t forget Morgan Freeman’s (Red) perfect narration and selfless friendship to his beloved companion.

source: IMDB

  1. Nick’s Pick: American Pie


American Pie is one of the few movies I remember where the movie was picked up because of the storyline and script. It turned out to be something so much bigger than they ever could have imagined. American Pie focused solely on the people, the characters, the dynamics between them--rather than using big flashy effects and a huge movie set. It was a small budget and it ended as a big, box office hit.

source: Moviefone

  1. Jared’s Pick: The Lion King


The Lion King has awesome music that he will always remember. Jared thinks the music with the animations helps you remember the story line and because of the music, he knows exactly where in the story each thing is happening. It’s a special movie that made him upset, happy and although he hasn’t seen Timon and Pumbaa in awhile, he knows it will always be a good story. Hakuna Matata!

source: Giphy

  1. JuJu’s Pick: The Virgin Suicides


Eerily beautiful, The Virgin Suicides is a tragic story of a group of sisters told through the eyes of teenage boys. The almost grey tint to the entire movie leaves the viewer feeling uneasy and unsettled throughout every scene. Personally, I like this movie because it really focuses on people and the connection between those people. Many movies nowadays tend to stray away from really developing a character, but throughout this movie, we really learn how to feel just as the sisters do.

source: Little White Lies

  1. Nicole’s Pick: The Silence of the Lambs


The Silence of the Lambs was the first movie Nicole saw that related to behavioral science and the behavioral science unit in the FBI. She loves the general genre of crime drama, especially to the specific department of the FBI. This cool area of science lead her to other passions such as Criminal Minds and Mind Hunter. Additionally, she loves the famous scene at the end when Buffalo Bill is stalking Clarice in the dark with the night vision goggles. *tension*

source: IndieWire

  1. Christian’s Pick: The Rock


In The Rock, Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery kick some serious butt. There is a hostage situation on Alcatraz and they need Nicolas Cage to come in and save the day. Christian has been to The Rock before and it’s not active anymore. For him, it's cool to see what it would have been like, used in that context. Also, he thinks the music in that movie is amazing. It’s not one of the most critically acclaimed 90’s movies, but it’s one of his all time favorites anyways.

source: cinemablend

Let us know below what your favorite is!

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