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The Latest Oscar Recap Ever 2018

This blog post may come a little late, as the Academy Awards took place a little while ago, on March 4th, 2018. They lasted almost until midnight, with many staying up just to see what would win the most anticipated award of the night, Best Picture. Many thought no other movie could win besides the eventual winner, The Shape of Water, but in my opinion, there were some other very strong contenders in the mix that could have just as easily deserved to win. It’s been awhile since I thought that there were other pictures in the mix that were just as strong as the winner, if not stronger.

The Shape of Water source: Fox Searchlight

As I reflect on all of the best picture nominations, I notice some trends. What stuns me the most about this year’s Academy Award Best Picture Nominees was the amount of independent films that were included. Little, small films with small budgets were receiving a ton of recognition for their spectacular talent, direction and incredible storylines. These smaller pictures such as Call Me By Your Name, Lady Bird, and Get Out, were up against productions that basically had no budget restrictions such as Dunkirk or The Post. For smaller movies, they were putting up a pretty mean fight. This year, I personally preferred the smaller produced pictures. The larger pictures, although amazing on a massive screen, visually stunning and almost perfect in their production, did not compare to the smaller films in character. Strip away what you can get for money...which pictures’ stories had the most substance, the most relatable experiences, the themes that touched our souls the most?

Call Me By Your Name, instantly became my favorite movie. The story is about a boy and his father’s (male) grad student falling in love over the course of a summer. It is for sure in my overall Top 3, maybe even my favorite movie ever. The story truly reached out and touched something within me. I was...mesmerized. I think there is something to be said about this love story, because it isn’t a story proclaiming that two men are gay, bi, or straight, but rather just a simple love story...watching two people fall in love without any antagonists.

Finally, we have a love story that is what every love story should be at its core, simple, sweet, and happy. Luca Guadagino, the director of the film, did a spectacular job at capturing the sensual, hazy, comfortable summer in Italy and choosing great music to go along with the story. Shot on only one 35 mm lens and film, the simplicity of the pictures and the ease to the story coupled with a spectacular breakout performance by Timothée Chalamet really sold me.

Call Me By Your Name source: Sony Pictures Classics

The other big hit for me was Lady Bird. This movie had an incredibly tight, perfect script. Greta Gerwig really shined when creating this film. Any daughter has some sort of relationship or longing for a relationship with their mother, whether it’s a good one, a weak one, or barely even existent. If you break down family relationships to the bone, one realizes that no matter what the relationship is, there is always some sort of personal connection to the people that literally created you. This movie embodied the relationship with my mom and I, which can go from bickering left and right for an hour to being incredibly loving the next. The movie can be described as a comedy, yet it isn’t slapstick humor, but rather tasteful and picking its moments. Saorise Ronan does an incredible job at becoming a confident American teenage girl, and it really isn’t one to miss.

Lady Bird source: A24

Lastly, I’d like to talk about Dunkirk, the completely opposite type of movie nominated for Best Picture. Dunkirk is special. It’s a Christopher Nolan movie, therefore even before its release, it was one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. Christopher Nolan has a massive budget and really can do whatever he wants. He filmed the entire thing in IMAX, even strapping IMAX cameras onto the wings of WWII era planes. There were thousands of extras. The film is HUGE. That being said, there really isn’t much to the story. Common folk help save British soldiers in Dunkirk. That is the story. It’s not that compelling and could have been told in maybe 20 minutes. What’s fascinating about the movie is how it was chosen to be told. Because it was told from three different perspectives at three different time points (Nolan’s favorite entity to play with), the story becomes much more complicated and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, but do I think that it might have been an unnecessary tangling of a simple story? Maybe.

Dunkirk source: Warner Bros.

What did you guys think? Were there any standout movies for you? What did you think of The Shape of Water? What did you think of the relationship between the main character and the creature from the sea? Let us know!


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