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Movies to Watch After Your S/O Breaks Up With You

Isn’t it awful? You’re sitting at your kitchen table eating ice cream, eating chips, eating anything in your fridge to try and take some of the pain away. You don’t want to see anyone, you don’t want anyone to tell you, “It will get better,” because of course it will, but for right now, you want to live perpetually in your sorrow. Why can’t people understand that?

You turn on your TV and flip through the channels. Happy couples. Happy families. Happy CGI monsters. That’s not what you want. You want to watch something sad, something heartbreaking, something that is going to bring you to (even more) tears.

Well, when you can’t think of that movie, I’m here to give you some suggestions. We’ve all been there before. I wish I had this list two years ago.


  1. War Horse

War Horse was the first movie I’ve watched in my life where I honestly can say I probably cried during almost every scene of the movie. It’s an underrated SPIELBERG film. It’s almost as if it’s the one movie Spielberg made that no one seems to know is his. Besides, who likes horses? I certainly never had any interest, but I did once I was sucked into this movie. The movie follows a horse during World War I as it gets passed along from owner to owner. I promise, ugly tears will be shed.

2. The Green Mile

Not only is this an amazing Tom Hanks movie, but also a movie full of sincere, trustworthy moments. Set during the Great Depression, this is the story of a gentle giant black man who was wrongfully accused of raping and killing a white child, and subsequently sent to death row. It’s amazing to know that stories of racial injustice like this occur all too frequently, which makes it all the more painful to watch. You’ll ask yourself: how can people inflict such pain upon other people? How can people be so blatantly racist? TEARS.

3. Lion

The fact that this movie is based on a true story already makes it that much more heartfelt. A young Indian boy, Saroo (Sunny Pawar) is separated from his brother and gets lost thousands of miles away from home. He is adopted by an Australian family (mother Nicole Kidman) and starts on a mission to find his roots. Broken up into two parts (young Saroo, and older Saroo), Sunny Pawar, Dev Patel (older Saroo), and Nicole Kidman’s performances will seriously bring you to tears. If this story doesn’t appeal to you, watch it solely for Nicole Kidman. If you don’t cry, where is your soul?

4. Manchester by the Sea

A guy gives up on life because his family was destroyed. He moves back to Manchester because he has to raise his brother’s son after his brother passed away. Family. Relationships. How can this not make you cry? It will help you let out all the cries you didn’t think you had left. This is the one for when you think you’ve become emotionless. For everyone in our office, this movie invoked some UGLY, ugly tears.

5. Reign Over Me

Charlie Fineman (Adam Sandler) lost his family during 9/11 and consequently, seemed to lose everything going for him in his life. A fateful encounter with an old friend changes the rest of his life. Throughout the film, there is a constant theme of loss and recovery, perfect for when you’re feeling like everything sucks.


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